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Notis Family, established and growing in Nafplio, Greece
Granpda Lias and grandma Tasio, around the year 1960 planted the first olive trees in Limnes, a mountain village in Argolida. The two of them with excessive love for the land and a passion for work, raised their five children with the same values. George, one of their sons, showed great zeal for the cultivation of the land and continued on this tradition. The grandchildren are now following these footsepts. Elias and Anastasia who are cultivating olives, have moved up using  modern tools offered in our time.

Notis Family originally cultivated the Manaki variety, oil with fresh taste and fruity aroma. George Notis, was one of the pioneers who brought to Korolida the Koroneiki variety, the so-called "queen of the olive". This olive type was widely cultivated in the Messinian land. Koroneiki olive variety produce extra virgin olive oil of high quality full of aromas.

Just a year ago, the third generation of the Notis family, Anastasia and Elias, took over the olive groves. They proceed strongly full of passion on standardization of their olive oil and try to represent these this drive onto the product labels. The cultivation of family olive groves is ongoing year round with respect to the olive trees and the environment. All the stages of olive collection are followed in the special traditional way. The gathering of the olive is still done by hand, resulting in the production of an Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil of low acidity.