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Offer, Reliability and Social Awareness, signed by NOTIS FAMILY®


Offer, Reliability and Social Sensitivity, with the signature of NOTIS FAMILY. Our company goal is to always be on top long term, without relying on specific principles.

A moral company, an active and conscious member of society

At NOTIS FAMILY we rely on human factor, we believe in meritocracy and we allow the ability and creativity of our partners to stand out in a peacful and calm environment. Through Corporate Social Responsibility, we intend to be established as a continuoes supply chain, as a healthy, "human" enterprise with environmental, social and educational activities.

Raising awareness:

1. We respect the environment

2. We care about man

3. We improve the quality of daily life

Reliability combined with responsibility and the ability to adapt and evolve to all situations, and our offer embedding social sensitivity, express our philosophy.

For NOTIS FAMILY, respect for people and the environment is a matter for all of us.

Corporate action in matters of social responsibility

The value of reciprocal recycling:

Recycling requires neither effort nor time, but it offers us a lot: energy and raw material savings, clean environment.

Empty plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles and other packaging are not useless materials but useful raw materials. They can be reused.

With each package that we recycle, we all play a part for protection of the environment. We protect our earth, so it can give back to us! That is why we are spreading the value of reciprocal recycling everywhere.

Energy Consumption Awareness Program:

We adopt simple solutions, we contribute to the awareness of Greek citizens, in order to reduce the unnecessary consumption of energy and resources in everyday life.

At NOTIS FAMILY we constantly upgrade lighting and air conditioning systems and we invite our employees to participate in a life campaign, promoting the reduction of energy consumption at home, at work and their surroundings.

Support for weaker social groups:

At NOTIS FAMILY we contribute, in any way we can, to local communities and Municipalities, associations, organizations and social groceries, to the Church for aid of vulnerable social groups.